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Amazing home presentations Creating and building brands

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We know how hard it is to be an influencer, let us make it easier for you.
Streamline Your Success
Let us take over the stress of your brand growth

With our team and experience there will be no need to worry about what you have to do daily to see more growth and success it will all be done for you.

Web Development

We provide quality web design services to develop engaging sites that make an impact for your business.

Coaching and Consultation

Exclusive 1-on-1 coaching and consulting providing analysis, solutions, and marketing expertise to help you grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services puts your brand and services in front of people seeking for the value you provide. Enjoy the benefits of organic growth!

Marketing and Advertising

We provide the best marketing solutions with your audience’s intent in mind. Marketing strategies empowering brands to stand out.


Your brand says everything about you, from the name and logo through customer service. Give your business the identity it deserves.

Graphic Design

Our professional designers and print specialists work with you to ensure your brand gets the attention and the look that will set you apart!


We offer comprehensive data analytics services to convert our clients’ historical and real-time into actionable insights.

Social Media Management

Build a trusting relationship with your audience using Social Media. We can help with social strategy, content creation and more!


Together we can go further

George M – Chief executive officer

Whether you’re a business or an influencer overall growth is important. At 100 Media the bar is set so high that the only direction your brand could possibly head is upward.

Boost Your Business Brand
We are proud to present the crew behind it all.

George M




N'nhyn F

With the Management of 100 Media youtube is no longer a huge stress anymore I can get work done knowing that I won't be sending myself into total chaos because everything's handled.

Being a part of 100 Media means having an additional family that wants to see you win and be successful.